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It is all about the relationships within the database, not the database itself. Weber & Company has those relationships.

"Nowadays, it seems as if every company has sourced its own database of résumés, "connections," and job applicants, while hundreds of Internet researchers, staffing agencies, and former dot-com recruiters who have taken refuge in our industry all claim to be linked to your future work force. But rarely do they present exceptional, even slightly above average candidates who possess the intangibles that will move your organization. The difference is that we at Weber & Company have established the relationships with the top 15 percent of the candidate market. For the last two decades, we have partnered with those rising stars who are proven and now ready to lead. Candidates answer our phone calls while ignoring hundreds of spam e-mails. They actively seek our advice and trust my counsel when considering an employment offer. They know that we will look out for them when transitioning to your company as well in the future. The end-result is that our firm will present a much higher-quality candidate selection pool and I will personally deliver the talent that equates to a win win for you and the candidate."

- Jim Weber / Founder

Weber & Company recruits outstanding Medical Device candidates for progressive clients. What sets us apart is that we make the time to gain an intimate understanding of what makes each company special. We then find the talent and sell the opportunity better than any other firm!

We have the expertise and industry contacts to recruit a key Executive or teams of highly skilled professionals. We ensure each candidate possesses the distinctive values, goals and technical skills that mean success to your organization.

Weber & Company is among the leading Medical Device Recruitment firms in the world.

Our clients call upon us when they face difficult and urgent staffing challenges.

We meet their needs because we offer:

  • Exclusive 30 Step, Propriety Search Process in which we assemble a Project Team that is dedicated and committed to fulfilling your position.
  • Performance Guarantee, which holds us accountable for results. No Excuses!
  • Innovative Managed Service Recruitment Model. We have refined a system that allows us to develop your internal recruitment system and then manage, onsite the fulfillment of your professional positions. The result is that by working with you, we can help you scale your organization, fast.
  • Agile size provides for a high-level of personal service. We understand your situation and make the time to get to know you!
  • Over 800 phone calls into your industry each day by professional recruiters; proof that we know what's happening and where to find the good people.
  • "Street smarts" and responsiveness; ensuring that we solve problems and make things happen today!
  • Confidential, person-to-person industry relationships, that validate a candidate's real performance has "what it takes" to succeed!
  • Distinctive services such as video conferencing, compensation consulting, worldwide relocation assistance and compatibility assessment.

We're Here For You

Job Openings? E-mail us and let us work with you to find the perfect candidate!

Finding People Today To Set The Pace For Tomorrow

Weber & Company is a retained Executive Search Firm with a proven record of achievement serving the global Medical Device industry as well as emerging industries in Miami and Latin America.

We Are The Medical Device Industry's "Go-To" Headhunter

The expertise of Weber & Company is helping a select group of clients who are faced with urgent and critical staffing challenges. Whether you need to hire one key person or a team of professionals, Weber & Company is your best solution.

Executive Search

We listen, we understand, and we create the plan. Our team will partner with you to identify, attract, and deliver the leader or industry expert who possesses the right vision, drive, and knowledge!

International Search

Based in Greater Miami, we have developed Executive Search alliances throughout the globe. our industry-specific teams help you reach the top candidates in Europe and Latin America.